Film Premiere: ‘Rock the Boat 2,’ Los Angeles

Right on LA! with Ruby Lovell features the edge-of-your-seat eerie thriller written and directed by the prolific entrepreneur and multi-talented filmmaker Chris Stokes.

The premiere, an electrifying and star-studded event, left everyone buzzing with excitement. The high-profile film stars and well-known celebrities graced the red carpet dazzling in their glamorous attire and oozing with talent.

“Rock the Boat 2,” the sequel to the original installment, delivered on all fronts, with all the elements of an incredible thriller: suspense, fear, psychological trauma, and big unexpected twists! Chris Stokes captures masterfully the terrifying and emotional rollercoaster of this sequel with its storytelling and characters, which is sure to captivate you.

A not-too-miss episode for entertainment lovers and fans of scary/thriller movies!

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