The First Hug – What will happen if I give those homeless dogs a hug?

Maybe more than 100 times we hug our dog to give them safe and warm, on the other hands, the homeless dogs never get even once…

What will happen if I give those homeless dogs a hug?

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It is normal for a dog at our home to be embraced or touched so often by his or her owner.

However, a dog without a home has such a hard living and never get and know that feeling. He or she has never been ’embraced’ before.

What will happen … When dogs get… ‘Hug first?’

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“I have tried to begin discussions both spoken language and body language with homeless dogs. Getting to know them… Some are barking, some are friendly, some are not. And finally I embrace them one by one.”

This is the warmth that they have never known before in their life.

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‘The First Hug’ is a project to provide ‘warmth, happiness, stability’ to the truly homeless dogs.

The home for the dogs were based at I AM GREEN HEART by INSEE, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.