Flash Flooding Swamps Cars in Denver

By Tom Ozimek

A powerful thunderstorm struck Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday, Sept. 5, lashing the city with rain and hail, and causing flash floods.

Local reports said emergency crews responded to at least four cars stuck in floodwater.

In Denver’s Lakewood area, a car was swept along by fast-moving water, with residents Breanna and Spencer Diegel sharing video of the incident.

The footage shows Spencer Diegel rushing out of the house to help, as the partially submerged car comes to a halt in front of their property.

Car stuck in floodwater
A partially submerged car gets stuck outside the home of Breanna and Spencer Diegel on Sept. 5, 2018, in Denver, Colo. (Screengrab via Spencer Diegel/Breanna Diegel/Storyful)

The car was driven by 16-year-old London McElhaney, Fox31 reported.

“There was a lot of hail on the ground and I didn’t think it was that bad,” London told reporters. “I thought it was just a few inches of water here, but it ended up being a few feet. And my car started floating.”

Breanna Diegel captured the tense moments on camera, while Spencer Diegel ran out to help.

“It just looked like whirlpool of water going in,” Breanna Diegel said.

“That would be freaky, a little kid getting stuck in there, but (I’m) glad everybody is okay at the end of it,” Spencer Diegel said.

The Denver Post reported the heavy rain affected commutes on Wednesday, with flooding causing several lanes of southbound Interstate 25 to close due to floodwater.

The National Weather Service tweeted a forecast for Thursday with the hashtag #COwx, calling for another day of unsettled weather, with area residents to expect scattered thunderstorms.

The National Weather Service forecast for the Denver area, valid for Thursday through Friday, suggests residents can expect less than half an inch of rainfall.

Weather forecast for the US
National Weather Service forecast for Thursday, Sept. 6, and Friday, Sept. 7, 2018. (NOAA)

Credit: Spencer Diegel/Breanna Diegel via Storyful

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