The Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor Fight Bringing ‘Money’ Out of Retirement

The Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor fight should get underway this summer. “Money” Mayweather has stated he is willing to change his retirement status for the right opponent. Conor McGregor is also looking to get it underway, and isn’t happy with what he is getting paid by the UFC anyway. It’s possible Conor wants to prove he can still have big paydays outside of the UFC. And if he wins, the UFC might start to pay a lot more attention to his complaints.

Floyd told ESPN the one reason he’ll come out of retirement.

“For Conor McGregor, I’m coming out of retirement — just to fight Conor McGregor.”

A crossover fight like this could prove that boxing, the older and more established sport, is superior to the much newer, but very successful, mixed martial arts world. It could prove that mixed martial artists are only effective against other MMA adepts.

On the other hand, it may prove that Floyd should have walked away from the ring at 49 wins. It might show that McGregor is a unique fighter that doesn’t just cross weight classes, but crosses over into other combat sports and wins, too. A good match could spur future collaborations between the world of MMA and boxing, especially if promoters see opportunity and big paydays ahead for such fights.

Both Mayweather and McGregor are extremely cocky, confident, and vocal about getting paid. The two men are likely going to delay this fight long enough to ramp up the level of hype in order to bring in as much pay-per-view income as possible, and look to break preexisting records. Either way, the Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor fight is going to be a humongous payday for boxing and MMA both.

Both fighters are now putting on a back and forth act of bravery and cowardice in a great marketing effort designed to bring the eye of the sports world to focus solely on their event.

Mayweather has stated he wants to see Conor McGregor in the ring in June. There are still hurdles. McGregor has an exclusive contract with the UFC. He would have to get their agreement, but he knows he isn’t on such good terms with them, even though he is their biggest draw right now, especially since the fall of Ronda Rousey. Unlike Rousey, McGregor managed to come back and reclaim his crown and his reputation after his defeat of Nate Diaz in their rematch.

Although McGregor is 28-years-old, 12 years younger than the 40-year-old Mayweather, he is stepping into the boxing ring, not the octagon. He’s the one that will have to adjust to not using kicks or takedowns. Mayweather has more fight experience, having faced more opponents, but the Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor fight isn’t just about talent and skill, it’s is about reputation, along with massive amounts of monetary influx.