Football Player Raises Lunch Money for Classmates in Need

Siloam Springs—A football player from Arkansas is raising money for his classmates in need.

Harry Losh is a senior kicker for Siloam Springs High School. After seeing a lot of his classmates get turned away from the school lunches because they couldn’t pay, he decided to do something about it.

“I honestly got sad, going in the lunchroom, every time I bought lunch I would just see kids who would have to go back because they were negative.”

Harry decided to create a GoFundMe account at the beginning of the football season.

“I’m asking people to pledge money or do a flat donation for every kick I do, for every field goal I make.” He says. “I just really wanted to help people so I figured out, I play football so Friday night lights is a good opportunity.”

Harry’s mom, Sarah Losh, says Harry has anonymously paid for other student’s lunches before. “I’ve known of him lots of time paying with his money for a couple of kids here and there and actually out at restaurants too. He’ll do that occasionally at places”

Harry’s mom says she’s proud of this idea to help others. “I think it’s embarrassing at the high school level especially that’s super embarrassing. And there’s just lots of people that just don’t qualify for free or reduced lunches, just a lot people don’t qualify for that and still need the help,” she says.

Harry Grew up in Siloam Springs, which sits on the border of the Arkansas-Oklahoma state line. He says it’s a good feeling knowing you are helping the community where you grew up.

“It makes me feel good. I just get to help out the community where I’ve been raised in.” he says.

Harry’s goal is to raise $2,500 by the end of the season. As of now, he’s raised about $500. If you would like to donate for this cause, visit

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