Once forced to beg on Thai streets, these elephants get a bath for the first time

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January 18, 2017Stories
Once forced to beg on Thai streets, these elephants get a bath for the first time

A herd of captive elephants that were once forced to beg on the streets of Thailand were rescued and allowed to to live a free life in a sanctuary. On their first ever bath in the river, these elephants experience joy and freedom for the first time.

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Elephants, like other animals, are happiest in the wild. In many places they have been domesticated for thousands of years for building, lodging, warfare etc. But in modern society, with its increasing mechanization, these elephants lost their traditional work status and ended up on the streets with their masters.

In countries like Thailand, they are found begging and performing on the streets. According to a non-profit organization, Eleaid, street elephants became a problem in Thailand after the logging ban in 1989 that put thousands of elephants out of work at once.

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Most of these huge animals were owned by small families and all of a sudden, the elephants turned from net wage earners to a huge financial drain. Many were left with no option but to bring them to streets to beg and perform.

Elephants are not meant for the urban jungle. Once on streets they suffer from foot infection, sunstroke, dehydration and gastric and respiratory problems.

But these elephants are lucky – watch them enjoy a mud scrub and a luxury bath in a open river. Their joy of freedom is infectious. And wonder! They carry no scars from the past!

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