Four elderly swimmers break record for oldest to complete relay

An elderly swim team in Australia had their sights on breaking a record. They are now the oldest swimmers to complete the 4 x 50 meter relay. They may not be able to beat younger competitors with athleticism, but with a combined age of 360 years, they beat them with heart.

“Max has got, I think, faster and more keen as he’s got older, yes,” said Carol, the wife of swimmer Max Van Gelder, “He’s hungry for victory and records.”

The team attempted the record last year. But right before the relay, one team member died. This year they’re back with someone new. Their newest member doesn’t have as much swimming experience.

“I thought, ‘Well, this’ll be a bit of fun.’ So, maybe when you’re 90 you should try something new,” said 90-year-old Ray McGimpsie.

With their combined experience the team easily took the record. But most of all, they got to remember their late friend.