French baker gives away free bread to encourage voters

This baker in Calais, France, doesn’t care who you vote for—so long as you vote

He offers free bread to anyone who can prove they voted.

“I have the impression that there are quite a few people who are hesitating to vote or who aren’t going to vote,” explained Jean-Michel Coulon, owner of Boulangerie Le Fournil de la Tour explained.

“I can only hope that people wake up during the day, but in any case tonight we will be presented with a president of some sort, so it is better to go and give your opinion,” he said.

Abstention is rumored to be reaching a record high for France’s presidential election.

Both of France’s leading parties were defeated in primary elections. The final candidates are from small parties. Many French people feel they are not represented.

“They don’t represent the choice of the people, the candidates don’t represent the choice of the French people,” Stéphane, who showed his stamped ballot sheet to get a free loaf of bread.

“We made fun of the Americans but we are in the same boat at the moment,” he said.

Another voter collecting his free bread, spoke in stronger terms.

“Ha, these elections are … phantasmagorical. They are horrible, fantastical, hallucinatory,” said Martin.

“We have been left with people in the end who I would say should not be there. They should not be there because they aren’t part of a political party, or because they are people who are a little bit bizarre,” he said.

“I did this for the regional elections in Calais, and hearing about the rumors in the polls of a record abstention for the second round of the presidential elections, I decided to do it again,” said Coulon. “To try and incite voters, on the small level that I could, to go and vote in the second round of the elections.”