G-7 Aims to Raise $600 Billion to Counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Seven world powers are looking to counter China with a new project and hundred-billion dollars in funding. It’s designed as an answer to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

We take a closer look at why some call Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative a form of “debt-trap diplomacy.”

Chinese state media outlets are publishing reports on the Belt and Road Initiative’s growth. Some of them are highlighting its cross-continental train line.

Communist China’s Belt and Road Initiative has expanded rapidly since its first launch. A useful tool is its cross-continental freight train.

The United States is stepping up engagement in the Indo-Pacific in an attempt to counter China’s growing influence, ahead of the next NATO meeting.

A Chinese ambassador told reporters that Beijing is ready to sell aircraft parts to Russia. But Chinese media have largely blocked the story.

Topics in this episode:

  1. G7 Aims to Raise $600 billion to Counter China’s BRI
  2.  Is China’s ‘belt and Road Initiative’ a Debt Trap?
  3. Chinese State Media: Belt and Road Initiative Expanding China-europe Rail Service
  4. U.S. To Strengthen Presence in Indo-pacific
  5. H&M Closes Flagship Shanghai Store 
  6. China: ‘ready’ to Supply Aircraft Parts to Russia?
  7. Ag Amicus Brief Supports Falun Gong
  8. Q&A: Why Did Youtube Demonetize Our Channel?
  9. Hong Kong Diaries: a Record of the Handover
  10. New Textbooks Deny Hk Was a British Colony
  11. Tom Cruise’s 1st $1 Billion Film
  12. Chinese Ministry Article: U.s. Defaming China


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