Georgia Witness Testimony: ‘Abnormal 20,000 Vote Spike’ for Biden

Over 40 witnesses spoke to the media at Cobb Country Republican Party Headquarters in Georgia on Dec 9, 10, 13, and 14. They presented evidence of election irregularities and fraud they had collected during the 2020 election ballot counts and recount. Some of them did not get the chance to give their testimonies in person, but sent their video testimonies or did a video interview online.

Garland Favorito, IT professional, co-founder of VoterGA, and elections director for the Constitutional Party of Georgia, has said that he personally witnessed irregularities in the November election.

During the election, Favorito worked as an observer at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena, as well as a Fulton County tabulation observer, an audit monitor, and a recount monitor.

“As a Fulton County tabulation observer, I noticed an abnormal 20,000 votes spike for Joe Biden, while the President’s votes appeared to have actually gone down a tad,” he said.

Favorito said that after he reported what he witnessed in an affidavit, he notified the elections director, the Fulton County Board of Elections, and the county attorney.

He also made an “open records request for the interim results” but never heard back.