Georgia Witness Testimony: Lisa Kaminsky

Over 40 witnesses spoke to the media at Cobb Country Republican Party Headquarters in Georgia on Dec. 9, 10, 13, and 14. They presented evidence of election irregularities and fraud they had collected during the 2020 election ballot counts and recount. Some of them did not get the chance to give their testimonies in person, but sent their video testimonies or did a video interview online.

Lisa Kaminsky was a monitor for the Fulton County recount on Nov. 14 and 15. She stated on Dec. 9 her affidavit she had submitted to Georgia State Senator William Ligon.

“The group was not allowed to be on the counting floor and stated that only parties of the candidates were allowed to have 10 members each maximum on the floor for monitoring. I was able to be accepted by the Georgia GOP party to observe and be a monitor [and] given a credentialing letter. But again, the group was only allowed 10 members on the floor of which there were only five or six of us there on the morning of the 14.”

“I was trying initially to observe well over 30 tables, probably 36 and more initially. It was a scramble to try and find additional people. We had a young man by the name of Matthew Honeycutt, who said he was from the Georgia GOP that was there trying to get other people as well. And he was the only person and he was our contact who was able to get me the credentialing letter. So in the morning, the mailing ballots were being counted, of which I witnessed and recorded 28 boxes with questionable low ballot percentages of votes for Trump.”

“But the groups and the subsections of the percentage of the Trump ballots to Biden were very suspiciously low, meaning that I saw only one to five ballots for Trump for every 100 to 150 votes for Biden. In one case, I saw approximately 50 ballots noted for Trump to over 350 for Biden, noted on a tally sheet for one lot out of a box. I witnessed one box of ballots left opened and unattended, and another where there was a question of a range of numbers on the box, and an election official change the number on the outside of the label of the box.”

“There were counters who kept their yellow tally sheets turned facedown and boxes on the floor with the label either turned in toward their leg or facing under the table. So that we as the monitors could not see the lot numbers, the batch numbers. I even had one auditor who physically went to stand between myself and the table to block me from looking at anything. I witnessed a few very large piles of votes for Biden approximately 1,000, and just a handful of votes for Trump within a suitcase.”

“Around 3:30 an announcement was made that if a table did not have a suitcase of ballots in front of them, then those auditors could go home. After that, I felt that the remaining auditors had picked up speed and I questioned if errors may have been made in their haste to finish counting their suitcase. I felt like once a majority people started leaving that there was a rush to get things done.”

“I took notes to the best of my ability of the polling place that the suitcase came from and the table with which it was being counted. All suitcases left on the table were to be sealed with a plastic lock. But I did notice and report two suitcases on one table where one was locked and the other was not. And they were left unattended. So in the next day, when we came in, we were limited to, again, one monitor per 17 tables. And we were told that we could not hover and we had to keep moving which makes it very difficult to actually since you can’t read the writing, you have to be able to take your time to look at something. I now also had to put my name badge on and I had my name badge But then I also had to label myself as with the GOP party. So I do not recall any of the counters at the tables wearing any name badges, let alone marked with which party that they were affiliated. So why were we as GOP members told that we had to wear a badge notating which party we were with.”

“Every time that the official walked away, went back to doing things the way that they wanted and tried to again confront me, we were told we could not speak to any of them. We could not take pictures on the floor. We could not talk to anybody but an election official, who then had to go to the table to tell them our complaint. The small writing on the paper ballots, again made it difficult to read and locate the candidates’ name. Many, many tables turn their ballots upside down so that we could not verify that each ballot was going into the pile for that candidate. They also had their tally sheets turned over so that we could not read them even though that they were told by the election official Miss Mabel Jones Allen to make sure that we were able to see the sheets and the suitcase labels clearly.”

“I noted what looked like different thicknesses of paper used for electronic voting from what I had at my voting place. Some seemed like regular copy paper, while what I had voted on and had received when I voted was a thicker cardstock. And I’m only saying this because when I saw them counting it, it had a different airiness, loftiness to the paper than a heavier cardstock that I had used for my own vote. Their final table count had only 226 votes for Trump and 3,087 for Biden, 27 for Jorgensen, nine for a no vote, and a total of 33,349 votes, but the case was labeled as 3,377 votes.”

“I do recognize that there are differences in manual count, what may be on there. However, I questioned the percentage of votes that were in that suitcase. I witnessed and noted five other tables where the count seemed extremely skewed in votes. For example, 504 votes for Trump to 3,762 votes for Biden at table 113 from Ponce de Leon Library. 75 votes for Trump to 3,211 votes for Biden at table 737 for Wolf Creek Library. Number three, a less than 25 percent stack for Trump versus a 75 plus stack for Biden. Table 10, from, again, Ponce de Leon library. A quarter-inch stack for Trump vs well over 12-inch stack for Biden at table 44, for CT Martin, and it was an unfinished bag of 2 of 2. 14 votes for Trump and 109 votes for Biden at table 109. The recount of the mail-in ballots, I saw ballots that looked to be perfectly filled in with even coloring within the bubble, all in black and I question how these ballots were filled in.”

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