German shepherd protects lobster from her human’s dinner, probably hopes to eat it herself

Somehow Sami the German shepherd and a lobster ended up hanging out together on the kitchen floor. In a video already viewed millions of times, Sami seemingly protects a live lobster from an untimely death.

Each time Sami’s humans attempt to take the lobster out from under her head or paws, the German shepherd snuggles up close to the crustacean.

Don’t take him away from me!

Dog Guards Lobster

He’s mine, go find yourself another lobster!

Dog Guards Lobster

Sami wouldn’t even let her dog friend see the lobster.

Dog Guards Lobster

While the protective German shepherd’s owners say that Sami has always had a “motherly side” and was simply protecting the lobster from becoming dinner, some have pointed out that the dog was more than likely resource guarding. Resource guarding is a behavior where dogs make sure no one else touches their prized possession.

Whether she was helping a new friend or guarding what she thought was going to be her dinner, Sami lived up to one of her breed’s well-known traits, the ability to protect.