Get Vaccinated or Get Fired; Thousands Set to Lose Jobs

Thousands of Americans could lose their jobs any day now, with vaccine mandate deadlines approaching. What could this mean for the health care system?

The United States is on the brink of an unprecedented economic catastrophe and is nearing a government shutdown this week, as Congress stalemates over partisan disputes on how to raise the debt ceiling.

Inflation pressure has remained high, and longer than expected. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has said that the Fed may use its tools to slow price gains.

The highest-ranking U.S. military officer admitted that he told a Chinese general last year that the United States was not going to attack the communist nation.

With the battle between pro-abortion and pro-life heating up in the United States, we speak to Mallory Quigley of Susan B. Anthony List to get her take.

An FBI report shows that in 2020, the number of murders increased nearly 30 percent from 2019. That is the largest single-year increase in over fifty years.