Giant water tank set up in Times Square to raise awareness about climate change

It’s not every day that you see a huge water tank in Times Square.

The tens of thousands of people passing the New York landmark on May 31 saw a 13.2-ton (12-tonne) aquarium filled with water with performers inside.

The piece, called “Holoscenes,” is actually a performance art installation. The goal is to get people thinking about climate change.

It raises awareness of the effects of flooding and rising sea levels and explores how humans react to changes in their environment.

The installation is part of the World Science Festival.

“This is a perfect melding of scientific ideas to do with climate, and artistic sensibility that just creates a beautiful work of art,” said Brian Green, co-founder of the festival and professor of physics at Columbia University.

“This is a work where you see actors responding to changing water levels. That is something that we as a species are going to have to to deal with. As climate changes and sea levels change, we have to figure out how we’re going to respond,” he added.

The celebration will take place in Times Square until June 4. There will be free activities, demonstrations, and art installations.