Young girl with huge facial birthmark silences bullies with no-makeup selfie

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January 3, 2017Stories
Young girl with huge facial birthmark silences bullies with no-makeup selfie

A 24 year-old dental hygienist was born with a large purple birthmark on her face. But she decided to face her challenges and now is a role model to most with disfiguring birth-marks.

Amy Elsegood was born with what is known as a port wine stain along the entire left side of her face. While the birthmark did not cause any physical pain or discomfort, it did cause years of bullying that took an emotional toll on the little girl from England.

By the age of four, Amy already realized she looked “different” than most other people.

Amy underwent regular rounds of laser surgery until she was 10, but hated the taxing procedure. So, in spite of the teasing and taunting she stopped the procedure.

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Amy’s family from North Yorkshire, England, was loving and accepting, but others weren’t so kind.

Other kids would point and laugh at her, and call her names like “ugly” and “blob face.”

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The bullying go so bad that she was embarrassed to be out in public. The idea of anyone ever accepting her kept slipping away.

One day, Amy was on vacation when a woman approached her. “You would be pretty if it wasn’t for your birthmark,” the stranger said.

Scroll down to see Amy’s incredible reaction to being publicly shamed.

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She delved into the world of makeup and discovered she had a passion for cosmetics.

Amy became a pro at using makeup to conceal her birthmark while hiding blemishes and creating a more symmetrical look.

Amy also fell in love with a man named Josh who became a source of confidence. Josh wholeheartedly accepted her the way she looked.

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She uploaded video tutorials and became a popular beauty blogger on YouTube.

Soon, other girls with birthmarks looked up to Amy for beauty inspiration. Even girls without any birthmarks adopted her cosmetic techniques.

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Up until two years ago, Amy refused to every go out in public without makeup.

But one day, something clicked. “You were born like this,” she thought. “There is no reason to be ashamed.”

Amy bravely posted her first selfie on Facebook without wearing any makeup at all.

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The reaction was overwhelming, and hundreds of people “liked” her makeup-free selfie.

She received messages of praise from strangers all over the world.

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Amy is now a 24-year-old dental hygienist.

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And she is no longer ashamed of her birthmark.

She continues to inspire young women around the world.

Bravo to Amy for being an inspiration to all.