Girl tries to eat corn from a power drill, left with massive bald patch

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January 12, 2017Entertainment
Girl tries to eat corn from a power drill, left with massive bald patch

A woman left with a large bald patch on her head after her hair was caught and ripped out during an attempt to eat corn from a rotating drill has released further footage to prove the accident was real.

The eye-watering video featuring the Chinese woman attempting the ten second ‘corn drill challenge’ emerged on Sunday.

It shows the excruciating moment a lock of her long hair was caught in the power tool and ripped from her scalp but she doesn’t appear to make a sound nor react in pain as she reaches up to feel her hairless scalp.

The woman later released a video of herself pulling at her remaining hair and as a result move her hairless scalp in a bid to refute a number of claims by viewers suggesting the video was staged.

‘I have some red spot on my hair, you see, it is real, it is my scalp,’ says the women in the video published on Monday.

Pointing to the red spots on her scalp the woman requests viewers to stop questioning whether the accident was real.

Another video taken in what appears to be a medical room shows a person spraying an unknown liquid on her exposed scalp before gently dabbing it with a tissue.

While in a third video published on Tuesday the woman is seen eating while wearing a cap which reveals the bald spot.

According to Live Leaks, the woman was told her hair would grow back normally, but it would be a painstakingly long process.   

The initial video of the challenge shows the large bald patch on the woman’s head as the long strands of her dark hair are seen rotating on the drill in front of her.

Leaning in for a closer inspection, the permanency of what should have been a ten second grab for internet fame appears to weigh on the young woman’s mind.

The risky manoeuvre was made popular by a vlogger dubbed Eater Yang, whose initial attempt of eating a cob of rapidly rotating corn in under ten seconds has been viewed millions of times across the globe.

Facing the camera, Eater Yang slowly pulls the cob across his teeth and as he does so, bits of corn go flying in every direction.

Within seconds, the cob has been completely stripped of the small yellow kernels.

Social media users criticised the challenge, labelling it ‘completely unsafe’, however most seemed to be concerned the rotating drill would damage the competitive eater’s teeth, not tear out his hair.