Girl Trump and the World Prayed For Makes Amazing Recovery

A nine-year-old girl that President Donald Trump joined in asking people to pray for before a risky brain surgery has been recovering “at a lightning pace.”

Sophia Marie Campa-Peters of Brownfield, Texas, underwent the surgery on Friday, Jan. 26, but the day after she was already able to stand up and walk, according to a blog maintained by her mother.

“Her recovery has been amazing!” she wrote in a Sunday post. “Her nurse stated she has never seen a patient like her with no swelling after surgery! Her physical therapist stated that the day after surgery she looked like a patient she normally sees on the day of discharge!”

Sophia suffers moyamoya, a disease that causes the arteries in her brain to narrow, triggering strokes. It’s treated by revascularization surgery that opens or bypasses the blocked arteries. For Sophia, there was a risk she would suffer a stroke during the surgery. She’s already suffered several strokes before. She’s also had other medical issues, like memory loss and autism.

About two weeks before the surgery at the Boston Children’s Hospital, the mother asked if Sophia wanted anything for the surgery. She replied: “Can you get every person in the world to pray for me on the day of the surgery?”

And so they started an online campaign to form a prayer chain for her. Sophia’s Grandmother Marilyn asked her how many people she wanted to pray for her. She said, “All 10,000 people in the world!” That gave rise to the family’s using the hashtag “#10000people” on social media.

The call has been answered by people from around the world and, on Jan. 23, by the White House too. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that all at the White House will pray for Sophia, including President Trump. The President sent a message to the girl “to keep fighting, to never give up, keep inspiring us all, and never ever lose faith in God. With him all things are possible.”

By Sunday, Sophia was off pain medications and was spending time with her family.

“We have been receiving photos, videos, and details of entire congregations, schools, and groups which have prayed together for Sophia.  When she was shown some of these, her reactions have been whispers of ‘Wow!’” her mother wrote.

“I told her today that I was so very proud of her incredible recovery, her bravery, and her strength. I said ‘God is good.’ She replied, ‘All the time.’”

In a Monday update, the mother shared further improvements. “They are even talking about sending us home soon because she is recovering so well!” she wrote.

Sophia asked the family to ditch their phones and tablets and play with her, which they did.

“As for now she is simply enjoying watching the snow fall outside of her window while she is chatting away about her excitement for her planned play date with her best friend when we return home,” her mom wrote.

From The Epoch Times


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