The excellent long-term memories of goats

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January 9, 2017Entertainment
The excellent long-term memories of goats

Goats are members of a diverse group of mammals called ungulates. Ungulates include barnyard favorites like cows, sheep and donkeys—all great additions at petting zoos but not known for winning any intelligence prizes in the animal kingdom.

However, ungulates also include ultra-smart species such as dolphins, whales and elephants, all of which are renowned for their keen memories and sophisticated social structures. So where do goats fall on this spectrum?

As it turns out, according to a new paper published in Frontiers in Zoology, goats have fewer commonalities with their dull farm counterparts and belong instead on the ungulate honor roll. These furry, hoofed eating machines appear more sheep- or mini-cow-like in their demeanor, but their IQs likely put even the most astute steer to shame, the researchers—real men and women who stare at goats—found.

Watch this video below see how smart they are ?