GOP Claims Ballots in Wisconsin Bypassed ID Check

In Wisconsin, Republicans are alleging that thousands of ballots in the state bypassed the requirement for voter identification checks.

That’s because Wisconsin law allows people voting by mail to self-certify if they are “indefinitely confined” to their home. In that case, they wouldn’t need to show any form of photo ID. The number of people “indefinitely confined” jumped over three-fold in the 2020 election, thanks to the new rules during the pandemic.

Republicans say this causes them to be concerned about potential fraud.

The controversy arose in March when the Dane Country Clerk posted on social media that the governor’s lockdown allowed people to be considered “indefinitely confined.”

A GOP official told the Washington Examiner that there are people who are legitimately “indefinitely confined” but it leaves a big loophole for people who aren’t.

Clerks were encouraged to check if voters were “indefinitely confined” but officials said the sheer number of voters made it “practically impossible” to do so.