Got No Milk: Nestle Creates Vegan KitKat Bar

The Associated Press
By The Associated Press
February 15, 2021Trending
Got No Milk: Nestle Creates Vegan KitKat Bar
A pack of KitKat bar is displayed in the showroom of food giant's Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland, on Oct. 20, 2016. (Fabrice Coffrini /AFP via Getty Images)

BERLIN—Coming soon to a selected retailer near you: a vegan version of the iconic KitKat candy bar.

Switzerland’s Nestle didn’t spell out in its announcement on Monday the exact formula for the new treat to be known as the KitKat V. But it said it would “soon have a delicious plant-based option that delivers the perfect balance between crispy wafer and smooth chocolate that people know and love.”

The company said it already has launched plant-based alternatives to dairy made from rice, oat, soy, coconut, pea, and almonds that are found in its non-dairy ice cream, coffee creamers, and other products.

The KitKat V, which it said will be launched later this year in “several countries across the globe,” is certified vegan and uses 100 percent sustainable cocoa, the company said.

As the product is tested it will only be available in the company’s boutique KitKat Chocolatory shops or online, and through select retailers.

It will be available in Britain, where the KitKat was originally developed in York—and where the research on the vegan version was done —but not in the United States where the KitKat is produced under a licensing agreement with Hershey’s, the company said.

Nestle said it is not releasing information on other countries participating in the initial roll-out at the moment.