Guy has 2 front teeth ripped out during power drill rotating corn challenge

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January 11, 2017Entertainment
Guy has 2 front teeth ripped out during power drill rotating corn challenge

It seems that there is an increasing number of people who have so much time in their hands. While some devote the spare time working out at the gym or absorbing themselves with their hobbies, others prefer to join a bandwagon of their choice. Now, it would not hurt every once in a while to simply be a spectator of selected activities especially if it entails a certain amount of risk.

For a man who decided to try eating a corn with a drill, that was evidently not the case. A Chinese man recorded himself stepping up to the challenge. As he powered up the drill, he was surprised at the speed of its spin. Barely a second after he attempted to bit down on the corn, his two front teeth flew out along with the spinning fruit. He immediately turned off the drill and appeared to be at a loss for what to do, trying to cover his mouth at one point.

The video was cut and the viewers were next presented with the man spitting out blood. A woman nursed him, offering him tissue to wipe the dripping liquid as he continued to film the incident.

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The man suffered an injury after attempting to perform the trick. (Photo screencap:

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He was left in shock as his teeth flew out

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Web users commented on the viral video, hoping that it was simply staged but the footage convinces them otherwise. Others noted that he might have overlooked heating the corn prior doing the challenge, so it’s harder than it usually is.

Earlier this year, a Chinese woman also tried to rise up to the challenge but lost a patch of hair in the process instead. Compared to the man who made his shock audible, the woman barely made a sound after a lock of her hair was caught on the similar rapid spinning drill.

She proved those who claim the incident to be fake when she posted photos of herself pulling at her hair, showing a red spot in the middle of her bald patch as well. Fortunately, her hair would grow back normally although it would possibly take a very long time.

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She presented the bald patch on her head and pulled her hair to prove the incident was not staged.

The dangerous trick was popularized by Eater Yang, a blogger who exhibited the maneuver with ease after managing to eat the corn in a drill within ten seconds. He impressed millions as his video went viral, prompting others to follow despite it being completely unsafe.