Man drowns, then walks again—really amazing

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By NTD Newsroom
January 9, 2017Entertainment
Man drowns, then walks again—really amazing

It was an off day for five life guards who are supposed to undergo a media interview and photo session for their “Bondie Rescue” program.

A sudden turn of events happens next to them where beach goers found a man floating. No one knew how long he was there or what really happened.

As there was no pulse detected and he was considered clinically dead, CPR was immediately applied as that man needs air into his lungs to have some heartbeat. Minimum of 3 shocks were needed to make him alive again. Luckily  he managed to have 3 shocks to remain alive.

Good thing is that man could even remember his name and where he was until the paramedics arrived. Great job by these five life guards and wish the man a speedy recovery.