Here’s what airports do with the stuff you leave behind

The TSA lost and found contains treasures. People leave behind objects great and small. TSA agents find laptops, car keys, toys, and more.

Michael McCarthy, TSA spokesman, talked about how many items they agency finds, “There’s quite a few items back here, over a thousand items that we’re looking at. And this is just April that we’re looking back on. This summer, July and August, will be a busy travel season. We’ll have lots of passengers coming through, so this room will likely be bursting at the seams with items that people leave behind. And all we want to do is get those items back to the passengers, get them back to the rightful owner.”

Some items that go unclaimed have to be donated. The best thing is to leave contact information on anything that could get lost.

Sometimes, really silly items are found.

Michael McCarthy also talked about those items, “There’s always the head-scratchers. I’m not sure how you can forget those type of items. I can understand maybe your reading glasses. You don’t remember it until you sit down and go to read on the flight. But, yeah, shoes and bags, those are something I hope I would notice if I didn’t have them.”