Hilarious dogs just love being vacuumed

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January 17, 2017Entertainment
Hilarious dogs just love being vacuumed

Washing the dog can be a stressful job particularly if the pet isn’t keen.

But the owner of this happy canine doesn’t have to worry about that, as his pooch loves nothing more than a good clean from the hoover.

In amusing footage the man vacuums the black Labrador’s entire body sucking up all the dirt.

And his pet absolutely loves it, rushing over to the owner when he lifts off the sucker.

The man willingly obliges to continue cleaning the dog’s back and sides.

In a scene of pure bliss the dog rolls over onto its stomach to get a thorough sucking.

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The canine clearly feels as though it is getting a massage thrown in for free.

Flopped on the floor of the living room the dog refuses to let its owner get to the wooden boards.

Every time he tries to lower the hoover down the dog jumps underneath it.

On Reddit commenters could not believe what they were seeing.

One wrote: ‘Only dog in the world that’s gonna be friends with the Vac.’

And another added: ‘God, that looks like it feels really good actually. Now that I think about it, I used to go to a hair cutters who would vacuum your hair to get rid of the clippings after and it did feel kinda good.’