Homeowner Fatally Shoots Teenager Who Was Shooting Paintball Gun at House: Police

By Zachary Stieber

A Texas homeowner shot a teenager dead after a group with paintball guns targeted his house, police said.

The shooting happened late May 21 in Houston.

Initially classified as an attempted car burglary, police said a group shooting paintballs at the house prompted the deadly shooting.

“They were alerted to some sort of disturbance,” Houston Police Department Sgt. Joshua Horn told KHOU.  “They believed that they were—that their house was being shot at. The homeowner, the father, came outside to the disturbance, approached a suspect who was standing out here. Believed that he was a threat, fearing for his safety, fired a round at him.”

The 19-year-old who was shot was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

Officials said more than 12 people were near the house when the shooting happened but don’t know if anyone besides the homeowner was armed with a gun.

Horn said the group is believed to have been targeting the homeowner’s 17-year-old son.

According to KPRC, the initial report indicated that four people tried to get into the homeowner’s car, so he opened fire. Later, police said the group wasn’t trying to get into the car.

The father went outside the house after hearing shots and spotted a teen in front of the house. Feeling threatened, he pulled the trigger, also firing at a vehicle the group had used to get to the home.

Police said they found shell casings around the house but aren’t sure if they were from the homeowner’s gun or another firearm, or a combination. There were also paintball splatters around the house.

According to the broadcaster, the father, his son, and three teens who were with the victim were detained.

No charges have been filed as of yet as the investigation continues on May 22. According to KTRK, the teens could be charged with assault or criminal mischief while the father will probably not be charged.

Homeowner Shoots Burglar in the Chest

A Washington state homeowner, meanwhile, was attacked in his kitchen by an intruder, who he then struggled with before ultimately shooting him.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said that it responded to a call from the home in the early hours of May 17.

“Preliminary investigation reveals adult male home owner shot transient Burglar suspect once in the chest as the Suspect attacked him within the kitchen of the home. The suspect was transported to St. Peter’s Hospital with a single gunshot wound to the chest and is expected to survive,” it stated.

The homeowner told detectives that he first used a piece of wood to try to fend off the intruder.

When that didn’t work, he fired a shot, hitting the burglar in the chest.

“The homeowner knew that he did the right thing, and the only thing he could do to protect himself and his wife,” Lt. Rudloff of the sheriff’s office told Q 13.

Ernie Brown, a neighbor, said that transients have been coming into the neighborhood despite signs warning them to stay out.

“They’re not being nice. Why should we be nice to them?” Brown said.