Homework Zones in Chinese Hospitals: Photos

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November 29, 2023China in Focus

Chinese children with IV drips in one arm and doing homework with the other.

The bizarre scene is becoming a common one nationwide.

The mysterious pneumonia is presenting a new problem for school-age kids: balancing their medical treatment schedule and education.

To help, hospitals across China have set up homework zones.

A health clinic in Wuhan looks like a school that is full of desks, chairs, and kids.

In the major port city Nanjing, a children’s hospital also assembled a homework zone.

China’s capital Beijing and major business hub Tianjin are facing similar challenges. Hundreds and thousands of sick children there are also waiting for treatment, and studying while they wait.

The health-to-homework crossover has caught social media attention outside China as well.

One related post on X—formerly Twitter—already has nearly one and a half million views.

But many of the comments aren’t so supportive. Often criticizing the parents and healthcare workers involved.

One reads: “Terrible idea. Sick kids should be RESTING, not studying.”

At the same time, other posts say tragedy has already struck.

Reporting that a 15-year-old student jumped off a building—burdened with the stress of both school and sickness.

At the same time, Chinese parents are complaining about pressure from China’s education system saying they have little choice but to push their kids.

In response, Beijing authorities said sick students are not advised to study while recovering.

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