Hong Kong Citizens Sing ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ in Shopping Mall, After Pro-China Flash Mob

By Jeremy Sandberg

HONG KONG—Hong Kong citizens gathering to sing ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ in a prominent shopping mall on Sept. 12 after a flash mob made up of pro-China members sang the Chinese national anthem at the same location earlier in the day.

Chants of “five demands, not one less, ”stay strong, Hong Kong people,” and “fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong,” were interspersed with citizens songs.

One Hong Kong citizen who wished to remain anonymous said, “We want to be free from the abusive power from China.”

Earlier in the day, a Pro-China crowd staged a demonstration where they sang the Chinese national anthem and waving flags of the Chinese communist regime.

One citizen in attendance, giving only her first name, Josephine, said she thought they were silly.

“They have their freedom of speech and we have ours, but it is kind of like challenging us for voicing out,” she said.

Protests are becoming more creative and citizens are using every opportunity to gather and vocalize their demands.

“We do not want independent Hong Kong,” said Josephine. “But we want to have one country and two systems and this is it.”

“We’re just fighting for freedom, but not independence,” said another citizen who gave only her first name, Emily. “It’s different.”

What started as opposition to a proposed extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to courts in mainland China for trial has expanded into demands for an independent inquiry into police actions, retraction of the word “rioters” to describe protesters; amnesty for arrested demonstrators, and free elections—making up the five demands.

A citizen by the name of Jack said no matter what the future brings, “At least we know we did, we need to stand out and need to voice out our rights and our freedom.”

Protesters say they will not relent until all five of our demands are fulfilled.