Hong Kong Football Fans Boo Chinese Anthem, Sing ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ Instead

By Jeremy Sandberg

HONG KONG—Hong Kong citizens attending a sports event on Sept. 10 defied Chinese law, shunning China’s national anthem to sing their own song instead.

At Hong Kong Stadium, football fans booed China’s national anthem and sang “Glory to Hong Kong,” a song created to unite and boost the morale of protesters after a grueling three months of demonstrations.

“Any legal things that support Hong Kong and the spirit of it, I’m good with that,” Ryan Tam, a Hong Kong citizen in attendance, told NTD.

Police were present keeping watch on the crowd’s numbers.

“To be honest I’m not a big fan of soccer games, but I’m proud to be a Hong Konger,” said Tam. “So I’m just trying to… just hear the sound, right? I just want to feel the atmosphere.”

Hong Kong lost by a final score of 2-0 to Iran in the Asia region World Cup qualifier game, but that didn’t affect the spirits of citizens, who are becoming more creative in the way they protest, using every opportunity to express themselves until their five demands are met.

“I hope the world will stand with Hong Kong and support our fight for freedom,” said Wilson Tam.

Many citizens feel withdrawing the extradition bill that started the protests is not enough, condemning police brutality that has occurred during protests and demanding an independent inquiry into police actions.

“Our Hong Kong is a beautiful city that is fighting against the Chinese government and I hope that we can get our freedom and our democracy,” said Lucas Hui.

They also want authorities to retract previous characterizations of protesters as rioters, amnesty for those arrested during the protests, and free elections.

As protesters say, “Five demands, not one less.”