Hong Kong Singer Urges UN to Remove China From Human Rights Council

By Penny Zhou

Hong Kong protesters are taking their fight with the Chinese regime to a new stage—the United Nations. Today, a prominent pro-democracy activist urged the U.N. to remove China from the Human Rights Council.

Pro-democracy pop star, Denise Ho, is one of the few Hong Kong celebrities who has been vocal against the Chinese regime’s tightening grip in Hong Kong. She has also been joining the mass street protests.

“Will the United Nations convene an urgent session to protect the people of Hong Kong? Given its abuses, will the U.N. remove China from this human rights council? Thank you,” Ho said in her address.

In her 2-minute speech at the U.N. human rights council on July 8, Ho was interrupted twice by a diplomat from Beijing.

“Last month, 2 million people walked in peaceful protest, fighting an extradition bill that would remove the firewall protecting Hong Kong from the interference of the Chinese government,” Ho said. “Police shot rubber bullets and 152 gas bombs against unarmed protesters.”

The diplomat called her out for equating Hong Kong and China and accused her of slandering. But Ho said that Hong Kong people have had enough of the abuse and the regime’s broken promises of democratic freedom.

“This extradition bill is just a trigger to all the frustration that have been happening these past 10 to 15 years where we saw all the freedoms and human rights being abused by the Hong Kong government,” Ho told media after her speech. “And of course, the Chinese government behind it.”

She said it’s time for Hong Kong to once again demand universal suffrage.

“That is really the thing that can protect Hong Kong people—when we can elect our own chief executive officer. Because right now, Carrie Lam, she only responds to the Chinese government,” she said.

Ho urged the Security Council to speak up in defense of the territory’s autonomy.