House Republicans will continue work on health care overhaul

House Republicans will continue to work on a health care overhaul, Speaker Paul Ryan said on March 28.

Ryan did not offer a timeline or any details about how his chamber will move forward with those efforts.

“I won’t tell you the timeline, because we want to get it right. We have an aggressive agenda and we’ve been moving quickly on this aggressive agenda, but we want to make sure that we get it right,” he said.

His comments came after Republican lawmakers met for the first time since President Donald Trump’s health care bill was pulled from the House floor on March 24.

“We are not going to retrench into our corners or put up dividing lines. Today, we broke down many of those dividing lines within our conference. There’s too much at stake to get bogged down in all of that. We’re going to move forward on the things the American people sent us here to do,” said Ryan.

“It may take a little bit more time, but we are certainly listening and we are going to get there. The way I would just describe the meeting we just had with our members is, we’re all going to work together and listen together until we get this right.”

Lawmakers said there’s a consensus to keep working on health care.

“Friday, the timeline wasn’t there. The votes were not there yet. That doesn’t mean that we’re not going to get there. And that’s what this conference was about and what we’re actually working toward. In the meantime, we will go back onto the floor as the speaker talked about, from our regulatory reform,” said House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

Ryan said Republicans would try working out their differences over the measure.

Ryan also continued to express confidence in Rep. Devin Nunes Tuesday, saying there is no need for the House intelligence chairman to step aside from the Russia investigation.