Huawei Pays White House Lobbyist $1 Million: Document

Chinese tech giant Huawei shelled out a $1 million paycheck—earned for lobbying the White House—over six months to a single lobbyist, who’s just one of half a dozen hired since last July.

The Australian Open retracts a ban on T-shirts supporting star athlete Peng Shuai after major backlash from the tennis community and Australian politicians.

An award-winning film is moving audience members across the country. It’s based on a true story—how an American reporter and a group of Chinese students worked to expose Beijing’s propaganda.

A Beijing court sentences a Falun Gong practitioner to eight years in prison. But the timing of her punishment is being called into question—just weeks ahead of the Winter Olympics.

Beijing’s Defense Ministry says China and Russia are working together to boost military capabilities. The two countries’ navies recently held joint military drills.

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