Human presence in the Americas could be earlier than first thought

A scientist is suggesting humans reached the Americas 130,000 years ago. That’s 115,000 years earlier than first thought. Critics and skeptics are doubting his findings, probably because they would rewrite history.

He is proving his theory with fossils found at a freeway construction site. The way the bones were broken suggests human methods that were in practice much earlier. He showed how early humans broke mastodon bones that bring about the same fracture patterns found at the site. He will seek similar phenomena in other parts of the Americas to prove his theories.

Tom Deméré, San Diego Natural History Museum Curator Of Paleontology, spoke about how he and his team will proceed, “And where do we go from here? Again, we’re hoping to find or look for to see if there is bone residue on some of the cobbles. Of course, the big question is, where are the other sites? This is one site. And so we will, with this new paradigm, look in rocks of 130,000 years old for evidence of humans, we’ll be on the lookout for those sorts of sites.”