Beautiful photo collection that inspires us to keep spreading love and kindness around!

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February 2, 2017Stories
Beautiful photo collection that inspires us to keep spreading love and kindness around!

Here are sweet little happenings in our daily life that remind us that some of us have retained our human qualities. How amazingly some people go out of their way to spread the goodness of their hearts into other people’s lives.

Selected photos below will definitely encourage you to do the same – so let us continue being good and spread the message of humanity.

Someone, somewhere will smile because of you. Enjoy!



#2. Enduring the Australian heat himself, he realizes what this little dehydrated koala feels. So the cyclists stops   and shares some of his precious water.

3161655-koala-1467690170-650-d648b9cf9c-1470403946#3. This man gives stylish free haircuts on the streets to the homeless.


#4. The firemen free a young boar stuck in a fence. The entire boar family watch on – as if to say ‘thank you’!


#5. These two men risk their lives trying to save a drowning lamb. An effort worth its while!

3161455-lamb-1467688668-650-52f47713d0-1470403946#6. You are never too young to wipe another’s tears. For this little girl, TV is reality.


#7. Superman hanging out of the window! What an innovative way for a window cleaning company to bring smiles on these hospitalized children’s faces!


#8. Surfers lead the way for this lost baby whale back to its mama.

3161155-whale-1467765046-650-58c9dee0bc-1470403946#9. All passengers get together to put on a show of might to rescue a woman  caught between the platform and the train.

3161105-train-1467689875-650-3246217dff-1470403946#10. The airport – a place where distances are bridged with a warm hug.

3161005-malishi-1467678814-650-888f941a85-1470403946#11. Enjoying the warm sunlight with a friend.


#12. This marine encourages a boy, who fell behind his group during a marathon, by running alongside him.

3160905-runner-1467690388-650-2f4a202212-1470403946#13. Bridging the gap between generations, this experienced gentleman teaches the younger man how to tie his tie.


So go ahead! Add on more memorable moments in people’s lives around you.

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