Husband Gifts Wife Cake That Looks Just Like an Amazon Package for Her Birthday

A husband bought his wife a special cake for her birthday, it looked just like a large Amazon package—her very favorite thing, according to Cafe Mom.

Emily McGuire’s facebook post said that for her birthday, her husband ordered and presented her with a cake that spoke to her. McGuire was an avid amazon shopper who would receive two to three brown amazon packages per week on average, reported Cafe Mom. Every time she received a package from Amazon, she would become overjoyed. This was something that her husband Waylon knew about his wife and her habits. With her birthday fast approaching, he knew exactly what he would get for her as a cake.

According to Cafe Mom, he ordered a customized cake to look just like the real thing. Sweet Dreams Bakery of Dunn, North Carolina were happy to oblige. The cake came complete with personalized touches including the amazon prime member tape, and the packing label. The cake drew the attention of many and was very delicious, according to McGuire.

It was one of these moments that she knew that her husband understood her and her habits.

“In that moment, I knew my husband ‘gets me,'” she said, according to Cafe Mom.

The post that she put on her Facebook quickly caught the attention of other pages, who then picked up the post and shared it, much to McGuire’s surprise. She wasn’t expecting so many people to take notice of it, and that her post going viral had been insane for her. Her post had been shared various times, with multiple different pages and news agencies picking the story up.

People commended the imagination and creativity of the cake in the comments on her Facebook post, expressing fondness for the cake. Many said on Facebook that they wanted this cake as their own birthday cake.

“This is AWESOME! Boy, I’m just literally amazed at this cake maker’s imagination. Outstanding job,” one user wrote.

“I need this. I seriously have a package coming every day this week and two more before the 31st,” another user wrote.

Wife Pranks Husband With Amazon Boxes

A Wisconsin man came home on April 1 to see dozens of Amazon shipping boxes lined up on his doorstep.

Rob Pritchard came home after a busy day to discover dozens of Amazon boxes stacked up in front of his Green Bay home.

A video that captured his reaction has since gone viral. Footage shows him pulling into the driveway, exiting the car, and staring straight into the camera as if he was asking why there are so many boxes outside the house.

In a second video, Rob is seen walking towards the front door, curious as to why there are so many boxes before quickly changing direction, and shaking his head in confusion.

His wife, Maureen Pritchard, revealed it was actually an April Fools’ Day joke.

“When he saw me recording out the window, I thought he realized that it was a joke, but when he came inside he kept asking, ‘What is all that?!'” she said in a Facebook post dated April 1. “I got him good! I wish I would have continued to record right away when he came in the house.”

Maureen said that the boxes were empty and not actually part of a big-spending splurge.

From the angle of the camera, there seemed to be a total of about 40 boxes.

“I had to explain that it was six months of saved boxes from us, my parents, and my sister,” Maureen said. “I’ve been planning an April Fools’ joke to play on Rob for months.”

NTD Staff Writer Richard Szabo contributed to this article.