The Heartbroken kitten had given up all hope – until the Husky came into her life

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January 24, 2017Stories
The Heartbroken kitten had given up all hope – until the Husky came into her life

If motherhood was about giving birth, it would have been easier. But motherhood is about unconditional love. And it is this unconditional love of a husky mother dog that brought back a sickly, abandoned kitten to life.


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Little Rosie was only two weeks old when she was found abandoned on the streets of San Jose, California, the kitten was brought to Thoa Bui, a woman who rescued animals in the past.

The kitten was brought to Thoa Bui, an animal caretaker  who rescues animals, from streets.

“When Rosie came our way, we tried to take care of her,” Bui told The Dodo. “Nothing we did was working.”


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Thoa was anxious but then her husky dog, Lilo, came forward and adopted Rosie. Sweet ! Isn’t it?

In Lilo’s warmth, Rosie opened up to the world. “She started feeding after a couple hours of just cuddling,” Bui recalled.

It’s been one and a half years since. Now Lilo and Rosie are inseparable.


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“When they’re sleeping at night in my sister’s room, they can’t not be touching,” Bui said. “It’s hilarious.”


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Dedo reports that being brought up by a husky mommy is already confusing Lilo about her identity. Rosie follows her mommy to pee outside and has also started to demand to be taken outside for walks.

Rosie is family with two other huskies, a brother Miko and a sister, Infinity.


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