‘I Feel the Divinity,’ Says Director of Finance of Hyatt Regency Atlanta


Shen Yun continues to perform all over the globe, and after concluding its ninth and final performance in Atlanta, Georgia, audience members said they had been given a unique and unforgettable cultural experience.

“I love it. We didn’t quite know what to expect, but it’s great artistry,” said financial advisor Johnny Carruth. “It’s very beautiful, very well performed … really enjoying it.”

Carruth’s wife added, “I have just fallen in love with the culture.”

Juan Gorricho, the founding member of the International Society of Chief Data Officers, said, “The lights and the colors are amazing, that sort of transmits to you like a lot of—happiness, a good state of mind—positive.

“The music is fantastic,” he added. “It’s a live orchestra—that is impressive, very impressive.”

“I’m really feeling the culture and feeling the story. And the scenery makes me want to go and visit the country,” said Jay Aven.

Aven is the director of Finance at Hyatt Regency Atlanta. From the staging to the inner spirit of the performers, Aven complimented every aspect of the show and felt fortunate that he could make it to Shen Yun’s last performance in Atlanta before it leaves the city.

“The mechanics, the dramatic staging of the folks on stage, the stories that are being told … I am very fortunate to be in a very front row and I’m very close. I could see the expressions on their faces and they’re telling the story as well,” said Aven. “I’m also very close to the orchestra. And that is fantastic.”

“There are fun stories, and in the seriousness of the country and how it seems that they [Chinese regime] put down the tradition of the culture and they don’t allow it [Shen Yun] there, that comes out in some of the plays,” he added.

“It’s something that I’m learning about just reading about Shen Yun, reading about what it means, what it stands for, the Divinity.”

Traditional Chinese culture is divinely inspired. However, since the Chinese communists took power, the core of China’s culture has been systematically destroyed. This continues today.

Aven was saddened to learn that the company is not allowed to perform in China itself since Shen Yun’s mission is to reinvigorate the core of Chinese culture and tradition.

“I feel the divinity. Of course, that’s what the Shen means … the divine,” Aven added. “It’s a shame that the country doesn’t bring that in, that they [Shen Yun] have to go out of the country.”

“They have to come here or go around to other countries to tell their story.”

NTD News, Atlanta, Georgia.

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