‘I Was Overwhelmed by the Beauty’ Says Singer From Quebec


Laurence Jalbert, a pop and rock singer and songwriter from Quebec, watched the Shen Yun performance at the Place des Arts, Montreal, on Jan. 4. She said she was overwhelmed by everything she saw.

“I was overwhelmed by the beauty, the synchronism, the softness, the fluidity. There is no movement that shocks, there is no movement that is radical, everything is smooth, all the time, all the time. And it feels so good, for the few hours of the performance, we were completely immersed in the pure beauty and softness,” she said. “The movements, the fluidity of the movements, the beauty of the music, the orchestrations, beauty is everywhere in this show, and it’s reassuring to humanity in the end.”

Jalbert has been a singer for 45 years. She published her first solo album in 1990 and has won numerous Félix Music Awards in Quebec, including the annual song award and the best female singer nomination.

The musician said she felt that Shen Yun’s performance had profound meaning.

“It’s great, it’s overwhelming, it’s touching, it’s spiritual, showing the long-standing belief from [the Chinese] civilization.”

Jalbert was also impressed by the synchronicity of the dancers, as well as the harmony in all of their movements.

“To know that 8 people, 10 people, 20 people move together, and it’s like one and the same movement, with the clothing doing the same movements, everything is thought out. We know the work that is put in there, but as audience, we just feel the beauty and well-being,” she said.

Finally, the singer said she was especially moved by several of Shen Yun’s musical soloist performers.

“So moving, without me understanding a word and that’s the magic of music, to see this two-stringed instrument (erhu) … it’s unlimited what that instrument can get. And the voice of the soloist also when she sang … it’s a very, very particular way of singing, it’s always fascinated me, and while listening I had chills, I had chills all evening, on all levels I had chills. Bravo orchestra, bravo dancers, bravo choreographers, and long life to this beautiful and spiritual show.”

“To all those who want to be reassured with life, to all those who need to be reassured humanely, I would say to come and see this show,” said Jalbert.

NTD News, Montreal, Canada.