Illinois Man Charged With Assault After Wife Falls to Her Death

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June 4, 2019US News
Illinois Man Charged With Assault After Wife Falls to Her Death
A picture of the Busch Stadium. (“Busch Stadium -- From the Press Box 2:30 PM CDT September 28, 2009 St. Louis (MO)” by Ron Cogswell/Flickr[CC BY-SA 2.0(])

A Taylorville man was charged with assault after his wife fell to her death from the seventh floor of a parking garage near the Busch Stadium, according to multiple reports.

ABC20 News Channel reported that St. Louis Police were notified after someone called 911 reporting the fall of a woman from the seventh floor of a parking garage, and found 30-year-old Bradley S. Jenkins straddling the body of his wife, 27-year-old Allissa L. Martin around 1:45 a.m. on June 2.

According to the police, Jenkins was very agitated as well as apparently intoxicated.

The police also reported finding Martin’s phone on the seventh floor of the parking garage, and when they went to retrieve it, the police found that the phone was still recording video and audio, according to ABC20. Police were able to review the footage when they stopped the recording and went back to the beginning of the video.

“When rewound, the recording showed her pointing the camera toward herself. She then turned the camera toward the defendant and he was shown on camera. They are arguing. During the recording, you can hear her yell for him to quit punching her face,” St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Detective Mark West wrote in a probable cause statement, according to the news outlet. “She eventually drops the camera. Shortly after that, you hear her scream as she falls and you hear the thump of her body hitting the ground.”

According to court documents, both Jenkins and Martin were working at the Illinois Department of Corrections. A spokeswoman for the Department told St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Jenkins had been working there since June 2010, whereas Martin joined in March 2017.

Both of them attended the baseball game between St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs with the co-workers when the couple started arguing. However, when asked what happened, Jenkins admitted that there was an argument, but denied that the two of them ever got physical during the heated exchange. The video evidence contradicted Jenkin’s claim that he did not physically hurt his wife.

The couple was married on May 22 in Las Vegas, according to the prosecutors. A $100,000 cash-only bail was set for the 30-year-old.

Jenkins was charged with third-degree domestic assault and a felony in the death of his wife, Martin, on June 3, while in court. A medical examiner will be conducting an autopsy on Martin to provide further details into the case. Meanwhile, the investigation into Martin’s death is still ongoing.

Case of A Man Charged with Domestic Violence

A woman was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries when her ex-boyfriend—already under a restraining order—drove into the side of her car at 50 mph in Washington state.

Both were trapped inside the wreckage of their vehicles following the crash in Parkland on the morning of Dec. 30, according to Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, while emergency services rushed to the scene.

“When deputies and firefighters arrived, a 34-year-old female was trapped inside a Honda and a 37-year-old male was trapped inside a Volkswagen that had flipped over onto its roof,” said the sheriff’s office in a statement. “Both vehicles had significant damage and the occupants had to be extricated by firefighters.”

“Both drivers were transported to hospitals with life-threatening injuries,” the statement said.

He has since been charged with various crimes for the incident, including first-degree domestic violence assault.

Photographs released by the sheriff’s office show the Volkswagen lying upside down next to a house where a hole has been punched through the wall. The woman’s Honda is deeply crushed on the driver’s side, with only dents on the passenger side.

The man was later named as Christopher Walker by Q 13 Fox.

As the sheriff began to investigate, it emerged that the crash had been no accident.