India to Build Joint Navy With US to Counter China

The U.S. is falling behind China in warship production. But its allies are stepping in to help.

Right now the Chinese navy has 340 ships. And the U.S. has less than 300.

Looking at the possibility of conflict in the South China Sea and the area around Taiwan both quality and quantity of ships would matter.

To help, a U.S. ally is extending a hand. Together, India and Washington will build what’s called a “thousand ship navy.”

The Indian Navy Chief added that no nation can address today’s challenges individually.

He made the comments in New Delhi during a visit from two top officials:

Admiral John C Aquilino, commander of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and Koji Yamazaki, Japanese Chief of Staff for its Ministry of Defense.

Their visit comes amid Beijing’s increased efforts to boost its influence in the Indo-Pacific.

India maintains about 130 ships and Japan has more than 120 ships—both nations are also ramping up ship building.

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