Inmate Kim Kardashian Helped Free From Prison Getting Worldwide Job Offers

By Colin Fredericson

An inmate that Kim Kardashian recently helped free from prison is now overwhelmed with job offers.

Paul Algarin wrote a letter to Kim Kardashian while he was still serving his prison sentence, asking if she could help him in the course of her criminal reform work, TMZ reported. As a result, Kardashian helped get him freed from a North Carolina prison on April 19.

Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West then visited Algarin and his family in Charlotte. Algarin said the visit was inspiring, TMZ reported. Since then he said he has been contacted by people around the world and offered career opportunities.

“A lot of people have been contacting me, a lot of people all over the world. I only knew people in a few select other states, and now I have people to contact in every state, even overseas: Nigeria, United Kingdom, a lot of people are contacting me,” he said in a TMZ video.

Azaria Algarin, Paul’s sister, posted pictures to Instagram of Kim and Kanye’s visit to the Algarin family. The photos had 4,195 likes and 245 comments at the time of this publication.

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“Now If I decide to do something, open a tattoo shop or anything, now that I’m in the media, I can use that to promote the brand I want to put out,” Paul Algarin added, in the TMZ video.

Algarin is not the only inmate Kardashian has freed, Page Six reported. She has followed the successful passing of the Trump administration’s prison reform bill with increased activity and funding of her own to give low-level drug offenders a second chance.

“A lot of people contacted me over the internet asking if I wanted to help them with prison reform things and also modeling. In prison, I was doing tattoos a lot so a lot of people asked if I want a tattoo with them. I only know how to use a prison [tattoo] gun. I never used a real tattoo gun. So I really want to learn how to use a foot pedal, maybe take a few art appreciation classes, and maybe open up my own shop or something,” said Algarin, in the video.

During the visit with Algarin, Kardashian brought a doctor with her to talk with Algarin about removing his face tattoo, according to another TMZ article. Kardashian and her family said they will cover the cost of the procedure.

After the group had lunch together, they went to a place nearby to begin the tattoo removal procedure to give Algarin a blank slate as he looks to restart his life after seven years in prison.

Algarin shared what Kanye West told him at the meeting, in response to his letter to Kim, as well as advice for future endeavors in his life.

“Because he spoke on the passion of what I wrote. And basically, my determination and dedication to move forward. Don’t let the things I was deciding to do in prison and in the streets determine how I’m going to move forward,” Algarin further shared with TMZ.

Over the past three months, Kardashian worked on a program that freed 17 federal inmates, Page Six reported.

“They gave me a lot of advice. Really, just being in their presence was advice enough, to show me that I could be on the same level as them or anybody I choose to be. I’m destined to create my own future,” Algarin said, via the TMZ video.