9-Year-Old Boy With Down Syndrome Singing Whitney Houston Captures Hearts of Millions

While the Guinness World Records may not add this special achievement under Whitney Houston’s title as the most awarded female artist of all time, it’s nevertheless a great honor for the famous artist when a 9-year-old fan of hers melts the hearts of millions with a performance of one of her songs.

After posting a video on Facebook of Dane Miller, who lives in Prosper, Texas, singing on a family car ride, Dane’s family was overwhelmed by the response the performance received.

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“Just reading the comments, they’re so sweet. I’m getting emotional,” Dane’s mother, Danna Miller told CBS DFW.

The Miller family only found out that Dane had Down syndrome after he was born. Despite this, Danna said his presence was a blessing for them. When Dane was a toddler, Danna discovered his love for music.

“He’s been musical since around 2 years old,” Dane’s mother, Jeanne Miller, told Inside Edition. “He’s been playing the drums. He sings. He loves music. He puts his whole heart into everything he does.”

Drums. (Joshua Davis/Flickr[CC BY 2.0 (ept.ms/2haHp2Y)])
Dane also loves to sing for his family. “He picks up on songs really quickly and music touches him,” according to Danna.

A month prior to the posting of the video, Dane’s brother, Dawson, introduced his little brother to Houston’s single “I Have Nothing.” Dane then became enamored with the song from “The Bodyguard” album, which was first released in 1992 and later won the artist a Grammy Award.

Dawson and Dane chillin' in their new chairs!

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“We watched a Whitney Houston documentary and Dawson downloaded that song,” Danna said. “He kept on playing it in the car and Dane has fallen in love with it. He has put his own touch on it.”

In addition to Whitney Houston, Dane also have great interest in music composed by Taylor Swift, Kidz Bop Kids and “Carol of the Bells” from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

When Dane’s aunt, Jeanne Miller, posted the video that was filmed on Monday, the family simply wanted to share a moment of joy.

“We just posted (the video) because it is so cute and precious … we’re just so grateful and so happy to share Dane’s joy with people. He has a pureness of heart and a light inside him that is truly infectious,” Danna told Today.

So when the video had gone viral, Dane’s mother was amazed.

10 years ago today I was blessed to become the mommy of Dawson Harris Miller. He is a great kid and I know that God has…

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“It’s crazy, exciting and stressful all at the same time because my phone has been blowing up all day,” Danna told ABC News. “I go and read the comments and they’re just so sweet.”

Dane himself is “very proud” of the video too, according to Dane’s aunt.

“He just smiles and giggles,” said Jeanne.

Garnering more than 36 million views, the less-than-2-minute video was shared more than half a million times and received more than 43,000 comments. Many people thanked Jeanne for sharing the video.

“This was truly amazing! Thank you for this video, he just made my whole day! What a wonderful little boy,” Amanda Moskowitz commented.

“Thank you for sharing, as a mother of a son with Downs it is important,” Jacquelyn Bullock wrote.

Some Facebook users were touched by Dane’s performance.

“Beautiful & rewarding interpretation with so much Love & intensity. Music as Love conquers everything and singing is his talent. God bless you!” Adela Olivari commented.

“I cry from his passion. I love his spirit,” ArieBelinda Serafin wrote. “He’s singing one of my favorite songs. But that’s besides the point. I love his heart. He was born to teach us, everyone has talent and is beautiful just the way they are.”

Danna hopes Dane’s story encourage people to see the contributions made by children with special needs. A Youtube channel, Amazing Dane, was later created after seeing the viral response of Dane’s performance.

“But we’re not trying to make him into the next new music star,” Danna said, “We’re just putting something positive out into the world. Life is hard. If this video brightens someone’s day and that’s all it is. That’s awesome.”

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