Doctors Advised Her to Terminate One of Her Twins, but She Didn’t Listen

For a mother who is expecting twins, the joy and excitement are usually doubled. However, carrying an extra baby comes with its own risk. Mothers are asked to be extra careful, so as to ensure safe childbirth—but sometimes they have to make tough decisions.

A woman from Ohio refused again and again to abort one of her babies, despite doctors’ warnings about Monoamniotic twins, and she didn’t regret her decision.

Jami Marie was 10 weeks pregnant when she discovered that she would be having twins. She was incredibly excited.

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“There were TWO babies on that screen!?! No way. Where’s the camera, we’re being punked. That’s not even possible.” Marie shared on Love What Matters.

However, her obstetrician (OB) looked concerned. She explained to Marie that they looked like Monoamniotic (“MoMo”) twins, the ones who carry the highest risk. The twins share the same placenta and amniotic sac. She was then asked to consult a Maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialist.

On the 11th week, Marie was then told that she wouldn’t be having twins after all. She was told: “Baby B is not going to make it, and you’re putting Baby A in serious jeopardy the longer you wait to terminate.”

To the utter surprise of the doctors, Marie didn’t cry. She had no reactions other than sticking to her decision of not giving up on “Baby B.”

The determined Marie wasn’t willing to cut the cord and emphasized, “I was pregnant with 2 LIVING babies.”

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Despite her determination, it was still hard for Marie talk to others about her twins.

“When someone would bring up what my future was going to look like, it was all I could do to not crumble bc what they didn’t know was that one and maybe even both of my babies were going to die. After all, the drs assured me this. More than once,” Marie wrote, according to Love What Matters.

The doctors didn’t see Marie for another four weeks — they were convinced that she would come back pregnant with only one living baby. To their surprise, there were still two. Then they mentioned the possibility of fetal surgery to help the babies’ chances.

After Marie was 16 weeks pregnant, she was called in again, and this time it was to check the feasability of laser surgery. Meanwhile, they kept giving her more reasons that things were not going to be okay. After testing, the cords were found to be approximately 1cm away from each other, so laser surgery was not a viable option.

When she went back to her local MFM center, the doctors realized that she wasn’t going to change her mind and gave her a goal of 28 weeks.

Marie went to the doctor’s office biweekly, but suddenly she stopped getting calls about the prognosis. She realized it was a hint that everything was going well.

“He was quick to tell me how badly I needed an abortion, but has nothing to say when things are going good? Not even for peace of mind. Nothing. OK,” Marie remarked.

The most nervous moment of her life arrived when she miraculously made it to 34 weeks. But to her utter joy, she delivered two of the most beautiful bundles of joy that she had ever laid her eyes on.


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Baby A tipped the scales at 4lb 15oz (approx. 2 kg), while Baby B, the baby who was not expected to survive, weighed 2lb 9oz (approx. 1.1 kg).

Marie went on to reveal that Baby B never even needed a ventilator. He only needed oxygen and a feeding tube. Baby A spent 16 days at the NICU, while Baby B spent 29.

Two and a half years later, Marie is enjoying life with her two cute munchkins. She dreaded the thought of how her life could have been different if she had listened to any one of those doctors.

Yup. I’m going here. 10 weeks. That’s how far along I was when I found out I was having twins. 11 weeks is when I was…

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“To think the day I delivered them I could have STILL made a different choice?! I can’t understand. And I don’t want to,” Marie wrote at the end.

Courtney Rushel….making my family look good for years now 👌🏽❤️

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