Elephant is lulled by her favorite song, falls asleep blissfully

Elephants love being treated with love and care. Unfortunately, many are hunted down and killed for profit, or treated cruelly in the tourism industry. Here, however, is an example of the beautiful bond between an elephant and her carer. There is a saying: “An elephant never forgets.” This elephant is sure to remember the kindness shown to her by the carer.

At the Elephant Nature Park in Chaing Mai, one can see the harmonious elephant-human bond manifest right before your eyes.

Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, founder of the “Save Elephant Foundation,” has a very special relationship with Faamai, a female elephant that just loves to be serenaded to sleep.

In a clip uploaded to YouTube, Lek sings Feemai’s favorite tune. At the same time, she uses a cloth to deter flies from landing on the gentle giant in its moment of winding down.

Faamai draws closer, and gradually begins to sway and prepare for some shut eye. She enters a state of bliss.

Much like the content elephants that sway to pianist Paul Barton’s classical renditions at Elephants World in another area of Thailand, Faamai responds similarly. It’s obvious that elephants have a thing for the traditional arts.

Just look at Faamai settling down for a nap, her trunk circled neatly, those big ears flapping contently. A sweet voice imbued with care was all she needed to feel safe and at ease.

She loves being serenaded to, much like a wee baby—though this baby is a tad bigger.

Sweet dreams, Faamai!

We know they’ll be sweet after a song like that.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | elephantnews.

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