Gravely ill mama pig miraculously recovers when farmer puts 13 newborns by her side

The story of Emma the mama pig—featured on OWN’s SuperSoul Sunday—is the perfect representation of the saying “A mother’s love knows no bounds.”

When farmer John Chester, of Apricot Lane Farms, first saw Emma, she was a sick and extremely skinny pregnant pig.

Emma receives her Emmy. Slowly realizes it's not edible. Wonders why we even bothered.

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Due to her poor health, Chester was told Emma would be lucky if she gave birth to six piglets.

Unexpectedly, Emma delivered more than six piglets. She gave birth to 17!

Out of the 17 piglets, however, 13 survived.

Emma getting some rest. She feeds those pigs every 30 minutes at first. The protocol is as follows; the piglets walk up…

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As one could imagine, delivering 17 babies at one go was a taxing task. The intense labor took a toll on Emma.

Emma became critically sick with a high fever.

Worse still, she couldn’t produce milk to feed her piglets as her udders hardened.

3 month old Red Wattle pig. Napping after a day of eating fresh clover, milk from Maggie the cow and organic raspberries. #piglife

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Chester and his crew did their best to nurse Emma back to health. They removed her piglets so that she could take a good rest.

Eventually, Emma’s fever subsided. However, she still wouldn’t eat.

If this persisted, Emma would die.

“Bottle feeding 13 piglets three-to-four times a day was not an easy option,” Chester thought. “If Emma died, that was going to be our future.”

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What should he do to save Emma?

“What Emma might need was a reason to live,” he thought. “…Even if it might kill her.”

That’s when Chester reunited Emma with her 13 piglets.

Feeding time is done and Emma is heading off for her own dinner.

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Miraculously, with her babies by her side, Emma gradually got better.

In the end, she pulled through and got back on her hooves.

Most likely, it was Emma’s strong maternal instinct that reignited her will to live.

Happy feeding time. Emma has 14 udders.

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Emma nurtured and fed her piglets for two months before they grew big enough to be placed on their own pastures.

All alone again, Emma soon found a friend in a rooster.

As time went by, Emma not only regained her spirit; she also gained 200 pounds (approx. 91 kg).

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“I like to think Emma was saved by us, but it’s so obvious that she was saved by her calling,” Chester said. “In her case, it was to be a mom … Some might say that the very thing that could threaten to take us down in life can, at times, be the one thing that keeps us alive.”


Mothers—be it in the human world or in the animal kingdom—will endure all kinds of hardships and sufferings for the sake of their children. Such is the greatness of a mother’s love!

Watch the video:

Saving Emma

The short 4 min story of ours that went viral last year: "Saving Emma". She is still doing well. Have a good weekend!

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