Officers receive flood of praise for installing ‘water and cookie stations’ for abandoned hungry animals

Police stations in Peru have come up with an excellent idea to install food dispensers for stray and abandoned animals in an attempt to keep a check on animal abuse and provide them with safe meals. The Peruvian police’s thoughtful and kind initiative is worth appreciating!

A viral video shows a stray pup having some quick bites from the food dispenser outside the police station in Tacana, Peru. Right next to the cookie point is a fresh-water station.

Los dispensadores de la Policía Nacional de la Comisaría Central para perritos callejeros. Este chato comió galletas y tomó agua.

Jean Carlos Paredes 发布于 2018年9月26日周三

Animal abuse is a matter of concern in Peru, as at times shards of glass or metals, thought to be deliberately added to cause fatal injuries, have been found in the piles of food that these abandoned animals feed on, according to a report by Newsner.

The food stations have become an assurance for these hungry, forsaken animals to fill in their starving tummies.

The first food and water dispenser was installed in October 2017. Since then, many such units had been set up across many police stations. Not long ago, another police station in Monsefú District in Northern Peru stepped forward to assemble the food dispensers for the street animals.

Felicitamos la excelente iniciativa de nuestro personal de la comisaría de Monsefú. Que tuvo a bien instalar un…

Policía Nacional del Perú 发布于 2018年6月27日周三

Inspired by the success of this selfless initiative, the National Police of Peru encouraged the public on their official Twitter page to install similar water and food dispensers for the strays.

Many social media users praised the police department’s act of kindness.

“That’s a wonderful idea. My respect for this police,” one person commented.

Policía Nacional del Perú 发布于 2018年6月27日周三

“How good that initiative. We need more people so they also see the needs of animals … because there are people who abandon them or mistreat them and they remain helpless,” another wrote.

Yet another said, “All my admiration, it’s so easy to make them happy, give them life, respect them, love them…”

Meanwhile, in Istanbul there is an estimate of 150,000 stray dogs and cats. Thus, in order to help them, a company, called Pugedon, is making a difference for these animals with their initiative, called “Smart Recycling Boxes.”

Istanbul, Turkey. A vending machine that dispenses dog food to stray dogs when people recycle bottles and cans. There…

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This innovation helps feed stray dogs and cats while also aiming to encourage the idea of recycling.

When someone deposits a water bottle into one of the Smart box machines, it instantly dispenses dog food for the strays to come and eat. The food is fully paid for by the recycled water bottles, making the machine a win-win.

This project has helped ensure that these stray animals get food consistently while also making the experience of recycling fun for people at the same time.

An innovative company in Turkey has created a vending machine that's dispensing help for both the environment and our…

The Dirt Farmer Foundation 发布于 2014年7月28日周一

This way, the system ensures that these animals will stay around for a long time and also have a better future.

Thanks to these officers for providing the strays with clean food and water. Their selfless act validates the old saying “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”