Rare eyewitness account of live organ harvesting—‘No anesthetics were used’

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will do everything in their power to stop the truth from getting out about their lucrative transplant trade, and how they’ve been forcibly removing the organs from Falun Gong practitioners. Still, people with a sense of conscience are standing up, some at great risk to their lives, to expose the regime’s crimes against humanity.

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“The organs were not all sold, some were stocked up,” says the firsthand witness, a police officer who worked for the Jinzhou City Public Security Bureau in Liaoning Province, northeast China. “Corneas, kidneys, hearts … they even extracted brains, I don’t know for what purpose.”

The officer’s name has been withheld for his safety. He knows that the CCP harvests organs, and he admits he had participated in the torture of Falun Gong practitioners “many times,” but this was his first time to witness forced organ harvesting—it was too much for him.

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Feeling tremendous psychological stress and trauma after observing the bloody crime take place, he accepted a 30-minute interview with an investigator from the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG) in December of 2009, who had called him a third time seeking an interview.

“The extraction began at 5PM on April 9 [2002], and lasted 3 hours”

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In an operating room located on the 15th floor of the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Command, PLA, a female Falun Gong practitioner in her 30s had been held against her will for her belief.

“We had interrogated and brutally tortured her for a week already,” says the eyewitness. “Her body was covered in countless wounds and scars. We had shocked her with stun guns, stunned her.”

Two military surgeons walked into the room. The older one was from the General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA); the younger one was a graduate from the Second Military Medical University.

The eyewitness says the surgeons began to cut into the woman whilst she was still alive, without using any anesthetics.

“They held the scalpel by her chest. Their hands did not tremble at all.”

“They had already cut into her, she screamed, the woman screamed, and shouted ‘Falun Dafa is good.’”

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“[She] said, you can kill me. Basically, she meant you can kill me, but can you kill hundreds of millions of us, people who are being persecuted for believing in a true faith. At that moment, the doctors, the military doctors, hesitated. They shot me a glance, and then shot our senior official a glance, and the official nodded. He continued with the blood vessel … first was the extraction of the heart, and then the extraction of the kidneys. When the scissor cut into a blood vessel in the heart, she began convulsing, it was extremely terrifying. I can imitate her screams, but I am not good at it. Her screams were like something was tearing up, tearing up, and then, ah, ahhh … her mouth was gaping, her eyes popping, mouth gaping. Oh dear … I can’t go on talking about this.”

When asked for the lady’s name, the officer was afraid that if he revealed it, he’d expose himself. “I can’t tell you that, because there were only a few of us in that operating room.”

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The victim had been tortured and raped for a month before being killed

The Jinzhou officer was 22 years old at the time of the live organ extraction. He says the lady was a middle school teacher. She was married to a factory worker, and they had a 12-year-old son.

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“Prior to her death, she had been through unspeakable molestation. A lot of the policemen are very sexually perverted. What they did to her, they used pliers, vaginal speculum. I don’t know where they got that equipment. These things I witnessed firsthand. I only regret that I did not take any photographs of what they did. The policemen sexually violated her. She was kind of good looking, kind of pretty. They raped her … they did so many such things [to her].”

He says that all this torture didn’t take place at the Public Security Bureau, rather, at the back of a hotel the officers had rented as a “training center,” otherwise known as a black jail.

“We rented 10 rooms in a building, they did these things in that building.”

He testifies that he never hurt the lady himself, but feels immense remorse that he wasn’t able to save her.

“All the other policemen there were more senior to me in rank, I couldn’t save her.”

“There were other things that were even more sinister, basically … basically … I feel that I owe her, whenever I think back to that moment, I feel I owe her. I couldn’t save her.”

The officer recalls what went through his head that day when the state-sanctioned murder took place: “At the time, my gun was loaded. I even had this thought, I had 10 bullets in my gun, and there were 5 people in that room. I wanted to shoot all of them.”

Furious, he says he severely scolded the surgeons in the operating room, yelling, “Are you still human beings?” The 22-year-old officer was then criticized by the director of the Political Office of the Public Security Bureau and demoted. He ended up leaving the Public Security Bureau and entered the local government.

When the investigator praised the eyewitness as “a great man” for coming forward, the former officer disagreed, saying he’s “a loathsome person,” adding that he feels much guilt for getting involved with the Party’s genocidal policy.

Still, he adds, “I want more people like me to speak out, to have the courage to tell the truth.”

Here’s the recording of the interview, with English subtitles:

Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a meditation discipline based on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance. Fearing the peaceful practice’s enormous popularity—with 100 million practitioners by the late 90s—former Chinese Party Chief Jiang Zemin directed the Party to eliminate Falun Gong and harvest practitioners’ organs for profit. The genocide continues to this day.

For the full interview, refer to WOIPFG.