Toddler sobs upon hearing sister play The Moonlight Sonata at piano recital

Hearing “Moonlight Sonata” being played so beautifully by his big sister at her piano recital, this 2-year-old toddler was overcome with emotion. Nevertheless, the boy fought back his tears throughout the entire performance.

Josh Noftz, from Tampa, Florida did not expect his 2-year-old son, Tyler, to react with such genuine emotion at his big sister’s recital.

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Josh Noftz 发布于 2018年5月12日周六

As anyone who has ever listened to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” knows, the mysterious melody and gentle arpeggiated notes simply gets one right in the feels.

One would normally assume classical music is mainly appreciated by those a little older, mainly adults. But Tyler has proved that assumption wrong.

As his parents and the people in the audience silently listen to the piano recital, Tyler, sitting on his dad’s lap, sniffs—his bottom lip quivers.

As the beautiful notes of the melody cascade up and down the scale, and as the melody intensifies, so does Tyler’s mood.

Not wanting to be seen crying by the adults in the room, the little boy looks around quickly to see if anyone noticed, and bravely keeps himself from bawling his eyes out.

His mom gently wipes away his tears with her hand while daddy strokes his arms comfortingly.

With his face full of emotion, the recital finally draws to a close. Tyler just couldn’t hold it in anymore and lets out a little sob from the bottom of his heart.

Noftz shared the video he took of his son on Facebook with the caption … “This little guy is moved by the music.”

Comments poured in almost instantly.

One commenter wrote: “I am in tears. Best thing I’ve seen on Facebook (or anywhere) in months. Thank you for sharing.”

Another one said: “As a musician, I plead with you to find an instrument for him. The vulnerability he is showing and the inherent empathy; he could show such expression through music.”

Somewhere inside this bundle of cotton resides a human…

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Experts have discovered that classical music is highly beneficial for children’s mental and emotional development, and parents are encouraged to introduce their children to the music of the great classical masters from a young age.

After all, we know that the lullabies we sing to our babies really do help them feel better.

Watch the touching video below: