Instant Karma: Motorcyclist Crashes After Making Offensive Hand Gesture

By Victor Westerkamp

A motorcyclist ended up in a hospital in critical condition after he gave a woman and her son “the finger,” twice.

The incident happened on North Eldridge Parkway near Mills Lane, Houston, Texas at around 8:20 p.m. on Sunday, April 28.

The woman was driving north on Eldridge when a road rage Harley-Davidson driver passed her Chevvy Suburban on the right while he was “flipping the bird.” After he’d passed her, he turned around on his motorcycle and did it again, but this time he lost control of the bike, crashed, and smacked his head on the curb.

The intersection of the North Eldridge Parkway, where the motorcyclist fell.

“After he gave her the finger a second time, he lost control, hit the curb and struck his head. He was unconscious at the scene,” said Harris County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dashana Cheek-McNeal on ABC News.

Paramedics rushed in and performed CPR on the spot. The unidentified rider was transported to the hospital by helicopter and is still in critical condition.

The woman stayed on the scene and informed the police about what had happened.

Don’t Mess With the Snowman

In Petersburg, Kentucky, a truck driver wanting to play a prank found out the hard way that he couldn’t run down this snowman.

Homeowner Cody Lutz came home from work Monday evening, Jan. 14, and saw to his surprise someone had tried to ravage by car his giant, 9-feet snowman, that he’d built in his front yard—on a massive tree stump.

A Grinch tried to spoil the winter fun by running over the 9 foot snowman, but got a surprise when they hit the tree stump instead.

Posted by FOX31 on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Lutz called WXIX and shared his story. “I call it Instant karma,” he told them.

“I went to work on Monday and I came home to this Monday night which is the irony. It is pretty funny,” said Lutz.

Tracks of the car were still clearly visible in the snow. The perpetrator, however, had left the scene without a trace.

What goes around comes around in good ways and bad ways, so I guess everyone learns a valuable lesson here from Frosty.”

Frosty, however, kept his cool and remained unshaken, amid all the turmoil.

“I think he got the last laugh for sure,” said Lutz.

BMW Driver Harrases Tesla Owner but Gets Duped

The built-in dashcam of Tesla Model 3 car has already proven itself useful.

On Feb. 6, a Tesla Model 3 owner who goes by the name of “Midrange Tesla Model 3 Adventures” on his Youtube channel, reported how he nearly came into contact with a black BMW Sedan in Lassen St & Haskell Ave, Los Angeles, California.

The Tesla driver had honked a few times to alert him, but this only enraged the BMW owner who pulled up next to him.

Moments later when the cars came to a stop, the BMW driver came out of his car and wanted to start a fight, yelling, “What’s up, bro?!” The Tesla driver remained calm and grabbed his phone in order to film him.

The BMW owner spat on the Tesla driver’s window and threw an object at him before he got in his car and rushed off, running a red light and crashing into a car that hit two other cars, causing a chain collision.

The scene was recorded on video by the built-in dashcam of Tesla. Afterward, the Tesla owner rendered the footage of the accident to the other car owners involved—fortunately, none of them were hurt.