International Condemnation for China’s Forced Organ Harvesting From Prisoners of Conscience

International Condemnation for China’s Forced Organ Harvesting From Prisoners of Conscience
Falun Gong practitioners gathered on World Falun Dafa in New York City, on May 13, 2015. (NTD)

It all started on June 13, 2016, when the U.S. Congress unanimously passed House Resolution 343, condemning the Chinese regime’s ongoing crime of harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience. This historical step led all major international media to express the world’s outrage and indignation of this horrible crime that was “officially” now uncovered. 

Here is a quick look at some of the major media reports on forced organ harvesting.

Image in Parent Herald

On June 22, a press conference was held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., announcing the latest investigative report on the crime of organ harvesting in China. The wave of reporting of this horrible crime instantly spread across the world’s largest media, unwrapping the genocide that China for years has sought to conceal.

Report: China still harvesting organs from prisoners on a massive scale

On June 23, CNN announced the report by former Canadian lawmaker David Kilgour, human rights lawyer David Matas, and journalist Ethan Gutmann. The researchers claim that China is still engaged in the widespread and systematic harvesting of organs from prisoners, and people whose views conflict with the ruling Chinese Communist Party—they are being murdered for their organs.

The report estimates that 60,000 to 100,000 organs are transplanted each year in Chinese hospitals.

Image on CNN on 23.06.2016
Image on CNN on 23.06.2016

“There is a massive discrepancy between official figures for the number of transplants carried out throughout the country.” The report states.

The report’s findings stand in stark contrast to Beijing’s claim that, since the beginning of 2015, China has moved from almost completely relying on organs from prisoners to the “largest voluntary organ donation system in Asia.”

They blame the Chinese regime, the Communist Party, the health system, and doctors and hospitals for being complicit.

“The Communist Party says the total number of legal transplants is about 10,000 per year. But we can easily surpass the official Chinese figure just by looking at the two or three biggest hospitals.” Matas said in a statement.

Who is being killed? The authors said mainly imprisoned religious and ethnic minorities, including Uyghurs, Tibetans, underground Christians, and practitioners of the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement.

While much of China’s organ transplant system is kept secret, official figures show that 2,766 volunteers donated organs in 2015, with 7,785 large organs acquired.

Daily Mail Australia and UK: China is forcing up to 90,000 prisoners to have organs removed

On June 24, 2016, Daily Mail Australia and UK have newscasted a shocking investigation report that reveals: China forcing up to 90,000 prisoners a year to have organs removed.

Co-author of the report Ethan Gutmann said in a video posted online: “If somebody goes to China to get an organ at this point, chances are they are getting it from a Falun Gong practitioner who was murdered on their behalf.”
“Even if voluntary donations of organs have gone up, they can’t reach this level. This is live organ harvesting,” he warned.

“Many of the hospitals are relatively new or have new transplant wings or beds. This development would not have occurred without confidence in a continuing supply of organs for transplants,” the report states. ‘A bloody harvest’: Thousands of people slaughtered for their organs, new report reveals

News Corp Australia reported on June 22 with the investigation by specialists: The Chinese government continues to carry out mass killings of innocent people in order to obtain their organs for transplants.

The article quoted the statement in the report by David Matas: “The Communist Party says the total number of legal transplants is about 10,000 per year. But we can easily surpass the official Chinese figure just by looking at the two or three biggest hospitals.”  The report estimates that 60,000 to 100,000 organs are transplanted each year in Chinese hospitals.

“That increased discrepancy leads us to conclude that there has been a far larger slaughter of practitioners of Falun Gong for their organs than we had originally estimated” the report read.


It was claimed in the investigation report that: “The ultimate conclusion is that the Chinese Communist Party has engaged the state in the mass killings of innocents, primarily practitioners of the spiritually based set of exercises, Falun Gong, but also Uyghurs, Tibetans, and select House Christians, in order to obtain organs for transplants.”

Globe and Mail (Canada): China killing thousands to harvest organs


Globe and Mail, one of the biggest and most influential newspapers in Canada has reported: “China is not the only country with organ-transplant abuse. There’s a huge demand for organs, and huge money to be made” Mr. Matas, a Winnipeg refugee and human rights lawyer, said. What’s different about China is it’s institutionalized, it’s state-run, it’s party-directed. It’s not a few criminals in back alleys trying to make a fast buck.”

Falun Gong practitioners who have escaped China have also recounted frequent medical examinations that led to no treatment. They believe that they were being profiled for organ-donation compatibility.

Xu Menglan, a refugee who arrived in the United States late last year, said her blood was tested an “uncountable” number of times during several stays in Chinese detention.

In 2002, a senior Beijing police officer “directly threatened to ‘take your organs’ ” if she refused to recant Falun Gong, she said in an interview. The following year, the director of a labor re-education camp in Harbin, in northern China, also told her: “If you keep this up, I will take your organs.”


In prison, she said, people simply vanished. “Based on my observations and my analysis, they were all killed for their organs. Some are still missing after so many years” she said.

Opinion in Ottawa Citizen:

Otawa Citizen, one of the leading news agencies in Canada published an article by author and journalist Terry Glavin on June 22. It is quoted in the article, “What we know about the Chinese government’s paranoia about Falun Gong, a harmless spiritual discipline not unlike a form of contemplative Buddhism, is that the Beijing authorities have jailed, executed or otherwise “disappeared” thousands of its adherents, who numbered perhaps 70 million before the reign of terror against them began in the 1990s.”


“We also know that an early epicenter of Falun Gong persecution and the trade in their body parts was in Dalian, the fiefdom of the cruel Communist Party boss Bo Xilai… Bo was facing lawsuits alleging torture and crimes against humanity filed against him in 10 countries.”

“The entire enterprise is controlled by the state, with the intimate involvement of China’s military and security apparatus. The report exposes the Chinese government’s efforts to enforce a systemic cover-up of the whole thing.”


Guttman’s 2014 research had settled on a “best guess” that 65,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been slaughtered for their organs over the past several years…

What we know about the number of people sentenced to death by China’s rubber-stamp judiciary every year is that the number is a state secret. Amnesty International doesn’t bother trying to count anymore – the last time was 2008, when at least 1,066 people were sentenced to death – but the usual death row organ-pillaging cannot account for the massive upsurge in transplant traffic in recent years.”

“Voluntary organ donation in China is exceedingly rare. No organ donation system existed anywhere in China before 2010. A public, national organ donation system began only in 2014.”

Associated Press, Washington Post and other official media have reported on House Resolution 343

Many official media of the United States have raised their voices on House Resolution 343, requesting the Chinese regime stop the crime of organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience and stop its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.


The Associated Press quoted a human rights activist who said organ harvesting is still exists now in China, the main objectives are Falun Gong practitioners. The Washington Post also quoted this information from AP.

Newsweek: China government kills people for orders

Newsweek said the US Commission on International Religious Freedom reported earlier this year that in 2015 thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were arrested and sent to detention centers, where they endured acts of torture and were eventually executed. The prisoners are ostensibly executed for made-to-order organs. which are sold to hospitals.


CTV: The vast majority of the organs are harvested from Falun Gong practitioners

According to Canadian broadcaster CTV, the latest investigation report states, “The vast majority of the organs are harvested from Falun Gong practitioners, who are arrested for their religious beliefs and held in labor camps by the thousands before they are executed for their organs. Other organs are believed to be taken from Uyghur Muslims, Tibetans and Christians.”


The three authors of the report said governments such as Canada, the United States and the EU need to begin by recording how many of their citizens are going to China for an organ. The next step would be to ban “organ tourism” to China.

Voice of America: US Legislator: China’s Organ Harvest ‘Nazi-like’

Voice of America (VOA) in Chinese and English has published several articles on the crime of organ harvesting of the Chinese regime, in which an opinion by an U.S. legislator has been quoted “China’s organ harvest Nazi-like.”

Testifying before U.S. Reps. Christopher Smith and Dana Rohrabacher, investigators presented the findings of a 798-page document published Wednesday, June 23, that said the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in the mass killings and torture of imprisoned activists — primarily Falun Gong practitioners and ethnic Uyghurs, Tibetans and some Christians associated with nonofficial churches — in order to obtain organs for medical transplant.

“Organ trafficking is barbaric. It is Nazi-like and happening as we speak in many parts of the world, including especially in China,” Smith told VOA. “The great concern is that military officers are making tremendous amounts of money by executing Falun Gong practitioners — and other prisoner of conscience — to extract their organs. It has to stop, it has to be exposed.


“I can’t imagine what it would be like for a prisoner to be in jail, and know that tomorrow, 8 a.m., you’re going have your pancreas or your liver taken, then you’ll be killed,” he added.

Practitioners in Hamburg held an Information Day activity on October 20, exposing the CCP
Practitioners in Hamburg held an Information Day activity on Oct. 20, exposing the CCP’s crime of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners; people sign the petition to support efforts to end the atrocity.


Many other newspapers and television stations are broadcasting information on the CCP’s organ harvesting crime in mainland China.

According to Epoch Times Chinese

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