Is Biden Set to Repeat One of Obama’s Key Mistakes?—Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran nuclear deal was the “centerpiece” of the Obama administration, says Epoch Times contributor Lee Smith. When former President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018, “Democrats, especially former Obama deputies, lost their minds,” he adds.

In part, this explains the rush by President Joe Biden (who some call Obama 2.0) to resume the deal with Iran. But when the United States signed the deal in 2015, Iran had $100 billion added to its war chest. It directed the money to funding terrorism in Middle Eastern states and beyond—little found its way to the Iranian people.

So, why would the Biden administration be willing to trust Iran now? Are there hidden motives driving this administration’s push for the deal?

What’s the key determinant of whether the Iran regime, or any government for that matter, can be trusted?

Lee Smith, who spent years reporting from the Middle East as a foreign correspondent for The Weekly Standard, offers key insights on the Iran nuclear deal.

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